Our table and floor lamps are fabricated from aluminum and brass with the highest recycled content available. This varies among suppliers and is subject to the global marketplace. China's demand for aluminum and brass affects the recycled content here in the US. Currently the recycled content for the material we use is as follows:
     Brass: 90-95%
     Aluminum: 30-40%
As companies like ours demand higher recycled content, the mills that produce the material will respond to that demand by having more recycled content.


Most table lamps are made of steel and either painted or plated. Both of these finishing processes are not environmentally friendly. We start with solid base metals so you can see the natural qualities of those metals. These metals are hand-finished to result in a satin, or brushed luster. We use a bees wax finish to seal the surface from fingerprints and to slow oxidation. This finish avoids the energy used and the pollution associated with the manufacture and application of paint or clear finishes. Bees wax has been used on sculpture and furniture for over a hundred years and should last years in normal use. The finish can be renewed by re-applying a furniture wax like "Trewax" or bees wax which can be purchased at a hardware store.

Both table and floor lamps are furnished with Advanced electronic ballasts. These ballasts are high quality, spec grade. They feature flicker-free starts, High Power Factor (HPF), Class A sound rating, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 10%, inherent thermal protection and, importantly, end-of-lamplife circuitry. To our knowledge, these are features found in all but a few table lamps. We also offer an Advance dimming ballast with the same features, dimmable to 15% of light output.

All table and floor lamps are designed to use only compact fluorescent lamps. Sylvania pin-based lamps are furnished with each product. These lamps are not subject to pilfering like retrofit CF lamps. We supply a non-amalgam, high color rendering (82 CRI), 2700 K lamp, rated for 12,000 hours of use. Non-amalgam lamp strike faster and come up to full output faster than the industry standard amalgam lamps. We can supply extra lamps upon request.