Our fixtures are fabricated from aluminum and brass with the highest recycled content available.
This varies among suppliers and is subject to the global marketplace. Currently the recycled content for the sheet aluminum and brass we use is as follows:
    Brass: 90-95%
    Aluminum: 30-40%
Our sand cast and die cast parts are made from aluminum with 100% recycled content.

As companies like ours demand higher recycled content, the mills that produce the materials will respond by providing more recycled content.


Our base, standard finishes use solid metal construction so that you can see their natural qualities, and they are intended to be as environmentally friendly as possible. By doing this we avoid the energy and pollution associated with the manufacture and application of painted finishes, including clear coats.

These solid base metals are hand-finished, resulting in a satin or brushed luster. We use a bees wax finish to seal the surface from finger- prints and to slow oxidation. Bees wax has been used on furniture and sculpture for over a hund-red years and will last for years with normal use.

We offer paint finishes and clear coats that conform to San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality standards, which are some of the strictest in the nation. We offer both liquid and powder coat finishes.

For those applications requiring plated finishes, we use vendors complying with the strict SF Bay Area regulations. Plated finishes are not available for all fixtures. Call the factory for availability. Many fixtures that are labeled for dry locations,
are available for damp locations as well. Finish choices may differ from those listed, so check with the factory for availability.


COMPACT FLUORESCENT: All our fixtures using compact fluorescent lamps use high quality, spec grade electronic ballasts. These ballasts feature flicker-free starts, High Power Factor (HPF), Class A sound rating, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 10%, inherent thermal protection and, importantly, end-of-lamplife circuitry. Most of these ballasts are multi-volt and multi-wattage ballasts, but check the specs for individual fixtures to determine this. Some fixtures are offered with a lower cost option, the Normal Power Factor Ballast (NPF). This specification is limited to 120V operation.

METAL HALIDE: All our fixtures offered with metal halide lamps are designed for electronic ballasts which offer higher efficiency, greater lumen maintenance, longer lamp life and enhanced color control. These ballasts run quieter, weigh less (thereby reducing shipping costs) and are more compact. Most of these ballasts are multi-volt.

DIMMING: We offer a standard dimming option for most fixtures using the Advance Ambistar, 120 volt, NPF electronic ballast that dims from 100% to 15%. This economical ballast works with standard incandescent wall dimmers–no special controls are necessary. We also offer Lutron and Advance dimming ballasts, depending on the fixture and the lamping. Call the factory to confirm availability for specific fixtures.


All our fixtures are available for remote mounted emergency battery packs (REM). The fixture will be wired to accept a battery pack supplied by others. To ensure the proper wiring, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide wiring info for the battery pack that will be used.

Many of our fixtures are offered with an integral battery pack (IEM)

Other fixtures can be modified to accept an integral battery pack. Call the factory.