Successful custom lighting begins with close collaboration
between specifier and manufacturer and results in fixtures that
combine the finest in design, materials and craftsmanship.

Borden Lighting is built on the foundations of Nova Industries,
one of the oldest and best known custom lighting manufacturers
in the San Francisco area. Over nearly half a century, Jon Clendenin
and his Nova craftspeople developed a national reputation for building
fine custom lighting fixtures. The company's new owner, architect
Randy Borden, and architect Allen Reaves, as Custom Project Manager,
add their over 40 years of custom fixture experience as owners of
Shaper Lighting, to the firm's capabilities.

The result is a depth of experience in materials and fabrication
combined with a level of architectural sensitivity and understanding
that very few manufacturers can offer. Borden Lighting provides the lighting
professional with a uniquely qualified custom lighting source capable of
creating practical solutions to even the toughest design challenges.

If you are considering custom lighting for a project you are working on,
Borden Lighting can be a resource as you develop your ideas. Whether
you are inspired by one of our custom fixtures shown in our portfolio or
have an idea for one of your own, the earlier you contact us, the more
information you will have for informed decision making.

Clicking HERE will give you a short overview of the
process of developing an idea for a custom lighting fixture.

Note: All Photography by Randy Borden unless noted otherwise.